As compared to cold and minimalist “modern” interiors, Contemporary interiors, without being dark and cluttered, are incredibly welcoming and comfortable. Contemporary furniture is not only appropriate for homes and apartments but also a good option for offices and stores.

What Is Contemporary Style?

Contemporary furniture is the trends and styles of the present. It is entirely opposite to the traditional furniture style having classic appeal or other furniture designs prevailing in different ages. It is often confused with modern furniture style. Although they have some common characteristics, there is a sharp difference between contemporary furniture style and modern furniture style.

The look and preferences of contemporary are deeply rooted in the present – even it does not have resemblance with the immediate past’s furniture styles. What is trending among furniture consumers defines contemporary style furniture.

Although different contemporary styles share common characteristics, they do not have a homogeneous look. One distinguishing characteristic that is common among all contemporary furniture is that it is either formal or informal. lastly, it is never overwrought or fussy.

Contemporary furniture is known for its sleek and simple design and can easily be distinguished from the traditional style furniture as it does not have carving or intricate detail. It either has hard-edged lines or gently curved lines. Moreover, this kind of furniture offers finishes in all tones – from dark shades to light. Lastly, it also incorporates both traditional and non-traditional materials and also explores new materials and concepts.

Types of Contemporary Furniture

Just like traditional style, contemporary style furniture covers a great range of different styles. As it is for today’s homes, it is smaller in scale. Here is a list of contemporary furniture styles furniture in different eras.

  1. Art Deco

It is the earliest contemporary style of furniture. Art Deco has sensuous lines and curves. moreover, It created a unique style with luxurious materials combined with synthetic ones, which is why it was not completely formal.

  1. Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern style has a stark and straightforward design with a sculptural quality. The midcentury modern style became popular in the 1930s, and it remained in high demand until the 1960s.

  1. Retro Contemporary

Retro contemporary style has a whimsical look. It belongs to the 1950s and remained widespread till the 1980s.

  1. Urban Contemporary

Urban contemporary style furniture is well-designed furniture that mainly suits smaller living spaces. moreover, the furniture pieces have small sizes and have a sophisticated, cosmopolitan feel.

  1. Casual Contemporary

Casual contemporary is the latest contemporary style. The style areas to be softer, relax, and up to date. Unlike midcentury modern style, casual-contemporary lacks stylized organic silhouettes. Moreover, this specific kind of furniture has a larger scale manufacturing for spacious open floors and a large family room.

Characteristics of Contemporary Style Furniture

Furniture styles change with time, and what is contemporary today could be outdated or old tomorrow. As this particular furniture inculcates rudiments from all eras and all styles, it offers a vast range of features. However, some of the key characteristics of contemporary style furniture are as follows.

  1. Simple, Clean Lines

Contemporary furniture nowadays incorporates modern furniture designs. It makes use of clean and simple lines and is more focused on comfort. These days, homes furnished with contemporary furniture have a minimalist look; they appear airy, light and appealing for the modest interior.

Contemporary Furniture

Altari 2-Piece Sectional with Chaise

  1. Square-Edged Couches and Chairs

In contemporary interiors, couches and chairs are usually square-edged. Moreover, they are typically raised above the floor with tabular legs – like modern couches and chairs. Chairs and couches often have neutral or dark shades with a bare yet bold rectangular shape appearance. Textured fabrics or leather is used for manufacturing

  1. Natural Textures and materials

The contemporary furniture utilizes natural fabrics, woods, and texture. It has neutral shades such as white, grey, and black, brown. In contemporary interiors, low-slung or platform bed designs are desirable for bedrooms.

  1. Contemporary Colors

Neutral colors, blacks, and whites are the characteristics of contemporary furniture. Although some people may go for splash color in the salmon chair, mostly the color scheme of furniture is insipid. Moreover, The neutral shades of contemporary furniture give an open and spacious feel.

Contemporary Furniture

Cambri 2-Piece Sectional with Chaise

How to Decorate With Contemporary Style Furniture

Furniture pieces that are current and modern with the latest styles are contemporary furniture. Contemporary styled interiors mainly focus on shape, color, and space; that is why the interiors are fresh and sleek. There are some key features that Fairdeal Furniture recommends to you to achieve the look of a contemporary home.

  1. Uses of Color

The prominent colors in contemporary style are blacks, whites, and neutrals. In a contemporary styled room, black is often used for grounding. Moreover, if you have painted the walls in basic neutral colors, you can use bold color decoration pieces. However, if the walls have multi-color paint, the decoration must be neutral.

  1. Line and Space

The line is the most distinctive and obvious element if you’re styling your home with contemporary interiors. In contemporary interiors, strong visible lines – be they curve or straight vertical or horizontal lines – are evident. These lines have color blocks, architectural details, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometrical-shaped sculpture and wall art.

Moreover, the bare spaces between furniture pieces and walls are essential as they make the interior look spacious and fresh. Less is more in the contemporary interior. Therefore, do not overfill your room with furniture pieces.

  1. Make a statement

The furniture pieces you use to decorate your home must make a bold statement. However, at the same time, these pieces must be uncluttered and simple without any decorations or curves. The pieces must have clean and smooth geometric shapes. Moreover, use pillows in clean geometric shapes to add texture and color.

  1. Flooring

In contemporary styled homes, floors should be smooth and bare. The material usually used for the floor is tile, wood, or vinyl. However, if you want to use the carpet for warmth and sound control, go for commercial grades. You can add color and texture with geometric-patterned or plain area rugs as well.

  1. Lighting

Use indirect light or cove lighting while constructing a new home or renovating. Moreover, add metallic and color elements to the light gears. Lastly, on a focused painting, print, or poster, use can lights or spotlights.


Decorating your home with contemporary interiors can create an entirely new look. If you are decorating your home with contemporary interiors, you have to make sure that every aspect of your décor – from flooring to wall decoration to dining – must be contemporary. You do not need to overfull your home with furniture and decoration pieces. Spaces around furniture pieces and wall decoration matter, and you must take care of them.

Fairdeal Furniture suggested to you some exciting ways to decorate your home with contemporary interiors. In the comments below, let us know what direction you see yourself in terms of decorating your home with contemporary pieces and mixing styles.