Creative thoughts only bloom in an environment where you experience fewer distractions. Productivity flourishes significantly in a healthy atmosphere. Employers these days cleverly design working places where they and their workers can work for hours without disturbance to improve the productivity of the workplace. Though working from home is not something new, in recent times, due to Covid, it has become a new normal. Many people struggled to cope with the new normal, and working from home was a challenge for them since they lack the working environment that the office could offer. The working environment does not necessarily mean working in a calm and composed atmosphere; it also means proper office arrangement. Many people felt a need for a home office. Fairdeal furniture provides a setup guide for a home office that will help you work in a healthy environment and increase productivity.

home office

home office

Here are some of the tips to decorate your home office.

1.   Find Dedicated and Private Space at Your Home

Sometimes it is hard to work at home because of family and kids who might interrupt your work by constant disturbance. That is why you should look for a place at your home where you can work in peace. Dedicated and private space at home increases your productivity.


2.   Integrate Your Style

You might be thinking of hiring some experts or professionals to design your home office. Since you will be working in the office, Fairdeal Furniture recommends you go for your taste and style while designing your home office. Integrating your own style will help you create the working environment you want.

3.   Feng Shui Spatial Arrangements

Feng Shui is a kind of space management and arrangement practice that allows you to balance your optimum layout and design. If you ever feel that sluggish at your workplace, try Feng Shui practices and rearrange your home office setting.

4.   Proper Desk Position and Height

You must place your desk in a “commanding position.” In command, you do not directly face the door and are also not near the door. Similarly, your office desk must have a proper height that matches your height so that you do not have to struggle while working. Fairdeal Furniture offers customized office desks at a reasonable cost. You can order a custom-made office desk that suits your taste and style.

office desk

office desk

5.   Comfortable Chair

Comfort should always be the priority. A comfortable office chair increases your productivity at work by offering comfort during long working hours. Fairdeal Furniture has a wide variety of office chairs such as high back PU chairs, leather chairs, mesh office chairs. You can choose any of these that suit you and do not become a source for back pain while working long hours.

6.   Use Bright Color Paints

A home office allows you to show your creativity. Although you can paint the walls of your home according to your taste and style, bright color walls make a visual impact and brighten up the room. Using bright colors increases your productivity by channelizing your focus.

7.   Proper Lightening

According to different studies, productivity at the workplace significantly increases with high lightening and daylight. Since you have the liberty to choose the location of your home office at home, you must locate it where you can get maximum daylight. If you do not have proper lighting at your workplace, you may suffer from eye fatigue and drowsiness.

8.   Add a Standing Desk

A standing desk could be the trend these days, however, having one at your home office can increase your productivity. Sitting for long hours in one position and location can cause back pain issues and obesity. Incorporating a standing desk can help you get rid of achy legs and back pain.

standing desk

standing desk


Decorating a home office is not an easy task. The first difficult task is to find a peaceful place at home. Disturbance at home can affect your productivity at work. The second difficult task is to find a perfect desk and comfortable chair which you can use for long hours of work. Your productivity can be affected if anyone these things are not the way they should be.

Moreover, Choosing and looking for the right kind of office furniture for your home office is not a piece of cake. You have to take lots of consideration before opting for the right kind. For choosing the right office furniture, you have to prioritize your comfort and workplace needs. However, before buying any furniture, you also have to consider your office design and the space available. That being said, your choice of the right furniture depends on your office design, space available, workplace needs, and the nature of your work.