What is urban interior style?

Urban interior/furniture design is the blend of modern, contemporary, and industrial furniture. The unique interiors offer perfect style to the inner-city dwellings. It has a comfortable and softer appearance compared to industrial interiors and suits loft environments and warehouse conversions. Urban interiors are ideal for small spaces and create practical as well as functional living rooms. It is characterized by unfinished surfaces, exposed beams, and materials such as wood, bricks, and concrete. Moreover, it has clear open spaces, clean finishes, light colors, vintage décor, sleek lines, geometric designs, and a color palette comprising a neutral base blend with natural colors.

Characteristics of Urban-Style Interiors

Urban-Styled interiors are a great option for a modern apartment or an industrial loft in modern cities. Here are some of the important characteristics of and guide for urban interiors.

Soft and Comfortable

Urban interiors have industrial and contemporary foundations, yet it is not at all decidedly industrial or completely ultra-modern. Urban décor is much softer. moreover, they offer highly designed yet softer furnishings as the designers pay focus on its brilliant design and the comfort of the users.

Maimz Loveseat

Maimz Loveseat

Warm and Welcoming Shades and Tones

The color pattern of your living room shows your personality. Moreover, it also greatly affects your mood. Urban interiors offer calm and peaceful light shade furniture that adds liveliness to your room and your personality. The neutral and warm times make you feel at home.

Kisper Queen Upholstered Platform Bed

Kisper Queen Upholstered Platform Bed

Soft Urban Furnishings

Comfortable home furnishings complete your urban bedroom and living room appearance. The furnishings may include soft rugs in natural and warm shades over urban flooring. Moreover, you can add natural and neutral colored pillows, throws, and cushions as a complement that will also add a little bit of an industrial look. Similarly, you can also use extras like petite stools and side chairs for a luxury feel.

Tips to decorate with Urban Interiors/furniture

The room in which you live and work greatly reflects your lifestyle and also influences your mood. Urban interiors give a cosmopolitan vibe. It has a wide variety of styles, from earthly to eclectic. It adds calming and casual elements to your bedroom and livelier and contrasting elements to your living room. Moreover, Fairdeal Furniture recommends some of the Tips/ideas to decorate your room with Urban Furniture.

Puckman Accent Chair

Puckman Accent Chair

• Urban-style flooring

Urban-style flooring includes stone and wood flooring. It creates a perfect base for urban interiors. Thus, The natural-looking stone and wood patterned floors create a unique and inspiring look by combining the past and present and the natural and the modern.

• Comfortable Interiors

Urban interiors are much softer and comfortable than their industrial counterpart. Rugs contain natural materials and warm tones with throws and cushions in neutral colors. The sofas are large and comfortable with warm appeal and inviting space. You can create an earthly look for your room by choosing comfortable interiors in earthly shades such as brown, green, yellow. Likewise, you can create an eclectic look by choosing statement pieces that are luxurious such as bright color velvet sofas.

• Complementary yet Contrasting elements

Urban interiors, when combined with complementary and contrasting material, create a unique look with aesthetic appeal. The contrasting material could be picture frames of gold and bronze, metal railings in the staircase, and mirrors with metal frames.

•        Statement pieces

Urban interiors style is full of statement pieces such as the distinctive floor, large artworks, patterned rugs, and ceiling window curtains. Moreover, you can also use vintage ornaments and furniture as statement pieces. It will add interest and texture to your urban-designed look.

·         Subtle Continuity

Nobody wants that each room in their house has the same décor. However, everyone wants that there must be some level of continuity between every room to not look disjointed. Using common colors with the urban interiors can help you achieve consistency between rooms.

The common colors could be the colors of your interiors, the colors of your walls, or the selection of contrasting and complementary pieces. If you do not want to look at your room too obvious with matching colors, you may use texture or pattern of interiors in the same way. It will create a common yet inspiring base between your rooms to keep the interior designs and style stable.


Decorating your home with urban interiors and furniture can create an entirely new look. Suppose you are decorating your home with urban interiors. In that case, you have to make sure that every aspect of your décor – from flooring to wall decoration to dining – must be urban or have some shades of contemporary and industrial. You do not need to overfull your home with furniture and decoration pieces. Spaces around furniture pieces and wall decoration matter, and you must take care of them.

Fairdeal Furniture suggested to you some exciting ways to decorate your home with urban furniture. In the comments below, let us know what direction you see yourself in in terms of decorating your home with urban-styled pieces and mixing styles.