The first impression on your clients really matters. It helps in building the clients’ confidence in you. You wouldn’t want your clients to see you the first time as disorganized and messy. When a visitor walks into your office, the presentation of your front office area should reflect the image of your enterprise. He/she shall find your system organized, well-planned, and effective in the first look. We can help you in making your reception area comfortable and pleasing for clients and visitors. Read the article to find some incredible points for this task.

Color and Lighting

Color is the best way to energize any part of your office. While warm and cheerful colors are welcoming, you can use bright colors for a bold touch. It would be nice to apply the theme colors of your business in painting your office to establish a professional look. Along with the color, the lighting of your reception area plays an important part too. Keep your front office area well light. Not only is it welcoming, but also boosts the energy of the people present. Natural lighting works quite well. Proper ventilation is also necessary for air circulation and natural light. 

Seating for Waiting Area

Visitors should not be kept standing while waiting. Make sure that you have enough seats in your waiting area to accommodate possible visitors. The waiting area should be comfortable for visitors to sit and wait. And ensure that the area is regularly cleaned. Dirty and stained seating would cast a poor impression. Along with visitors, you should also care for your staff. The chairs on which receptionists would be sitting for 7-9 hours shall be comfortable with backrest and lumbar support.

Choose Right Reception Desk

Choosing the right reception desk can be tricky. If the desk is too high, it will create a sense of intimidation, thus should be visible enough behind the reception desk. The desk shall have enough space to keep the office stationeries and files organized. A filing cabinet can also be installed behind the reception desk to clear the clutter. Placing some magazines and newspapers on the reception desk or a center table can keep the visitors engaged in something productive while waiting in the reception area.

Space to Move Around

A good space should be reserved for your reception area. While the provision of space is easily possible for medium or large offices, a small office can’t provide a large area for the reception. But creative use of the available space and keeping things orderly can make a small space look big. Furnish your office with sleek and light furniture, and keep the clutter out of sight. Furthermore, try to keep your reception area less crowded.

Impressive design and smart furnishing of the reception are necessary. But what’s more important is the attitude and humbleness of your receptionist towards the visitors. Being soft-spoken and showing politeness wins the hearts.