When it comes to breast cancer awareness, we have come a long way.  Every year, October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Campaigns run to inform people about the possible symptoms of breast cancer. Young adults are encouraged to get tested for early diagnosis. Organizations have been working tirelessly to create awareness regarding fatality due to the late detection of cancer.

Where Do We Stand?

This October, 36th Breast Cancer Awareness Month is being honored across the globe. But do we have enough knowledge about it? Is breast cancer awareness advocated well among the general public? How many of us know that breast cancer can occur in males too?

In 2017, according to a report by Our World in data, breast cancer caused more than 0.6 million deaths across the globe, which includes over 1700 deaths in Kenya. Although the stats have been reduced, it is still a great number to overcome.

Fairdeal Furniture Collaborates with Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation

Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation (EHCF) is a youthful cancer-preventive organization in Kenya. They have been fighting cancer by creating awareness, educating about prevention, and promoting early cancer detection to reduce late-stage cancer diagnosis among youth. Fairdeal Furniture is highly motivated to try and fulfill our part in this great cause. We will be willingly donating our October’s earnings to Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation with the belief that our humble effort may help the foundation achieve its goal of a cancer-free Kenyan youth.

In the End…

This year has been unfortunate for many of us. Multiple fires blazing, facing a pandemic, the decline in the economy, unemployment, and other adversities made 2020 hard to survive. But somehow by the grace of God, we managed our way through it with each other’s support. So, keeping in mind the difficulties we faced, let’s try to make things better for others. Spread awareness among your circle, institutes, and workplaces. And try to make possible donations to the cancer foundations. Your single effort can save someone’s life.