Your conference room furniture and design should be professional for your clients yet be comforting for your employees. Design and furniture make all the difference when setting up any room in your office. Have your office color scheme and theme in mind when reading this. Tips from our blog highlight how to create the perfect conference room environment with the amenities, design, and furniture.

1. Conference Room Furniture: Consistency

You want to make sure your conference room furniture and design is consistent with the rest of the office. It doesn’t have to blend in and be boring, but you want to keep the colors and themes consistent, so your overall office design flows and doesn’t clash. For example, if your office is a grayish tone, you could paint your room a grayish blue. It’s still different but consistent with the rest of your office design. You also want to make sure your furniture stays consistent. However, since conference rooms are used for more of a professional manner, it’s understandable if your conference room has more professional furniture than the rest of your office. Whatever colors you pick, make sure they go well together and don’t clash on the color spectrum.

2. The Amenities

When your clients come to you, want to make sure you have everything in the conference room ready. These amenities include projectors, wires needed to hook up your computer to the projector, waters, snacks, extra pens, and notepads. Preparing your conference room ahead of time gives you more time for your meetings rather than running around trying to find all the supplies. Have your conference room ready with the amenities all the time, so you’re always prepared.

3. Consider Client & Employee Needs

When your employees and clients come in what do you think would make them comfortable? People usually go to a conference room for meetings, and these meetings can sometimes take hours. In that case, you want to make sure your conference room furniture and chairs provide back and arm comfort. You also want to inspect your conference desk and make sure employees or clients have enough elbow room for comfortably move around as needed. Providing enough space for everyone to place their personal belongings can be a huge comfort factor on its own.