Here at Furniture Solutions Now, we know that you don’t always get to choose your workspace. Whether you’re working in an office or working from home, sometimes that place where you spend 40+ hours a week can seem a little small. Fortunately, with some of our small office design tips, you can take that small office or workspace in your home and make it feel much bigger. Relax and feel less constrained after you take a few of these steps mentioned in our blog below.

Clean Up a Bit

Cleaning up for your small office design is one of the easiest ways to make your office seem bigger. We know that it’s easy to accumulate clutter as the workday goes on and new tasks pile up, but clearing away the clutter can help space feel more open. Getting rid of papers that have accumulated and organizing your supplies will make your office seem less cramped. This is why some of our office furniture solutions and storage solutions can be so useful. Filing cabinets and drawer organizers can be very handy in clearing paperwork on your desk.

Get Smart About Storage

Speaking of storage, make the most of your small office design with smarter storage solutions. Tables that make it easier to store things underneath them, cabinets and bookcases that make the most of a small footprint, and other smart furniture additions could help you get things out of the way and stay organized. Your office will feel larger, and you’ll have more space for everything you need in a given workday. Storage doesn’t have to be big and bulky, shop options that meet your measurements. Our staff at Furniture Solutions Now can help you find the perfect choice for your office size and needs.

Cut the Cords

The cords used by the various electronics can take up a lot of space, coiling around different office furniture. Not only that, but cables can be a tripping hazard and an eyesore. Using as much wireless technology as possible can help you reduce the amount of space your electronics take up, making your small space look a little bit bigger. If you don’t want to get rid of your cords, think about ways you can organize them. Shop cord racks, or even tie your wires together and wire them to go under your desk, so you have more space on top of your desk to get your work done!