In order to improve the productivity of workers at the office, the working environment should be well maintained. According to various researches, a poor working environment negatively impacts your productivity. It reduces the worker’s focus and takes away your motivation to work. Thus, to improve the office’s efficiency, it is necessary to maintain the office furniture.

Though maintenance of office furniture is least considered when it comes to the proper care of an office’s working environment, it is one of the essential parts of one’s office. The proper maintenance of furniture significantly affects the workplace. 

Moreover, by maintaining furniture at the office, one ensures that it lasts longs and fantastic over the years. Fairdeal Furniture recommends some crucial tips to take care of your furniture.

Tips for taking care of office furniture

Tips for taking care of office furniture

Tips for Taking care of office furniture

  1. Using Right Products for Cleaning office furniture

Using the right products and tools is a vital step to ensure that your furniture at the office endures. For instance, there are specific wipes for cleaning and conditioning leather office chairs. Moreover, if you use another type of material for office furniture, you will need non-abrasive, soft wipes and rags for cleaning. Use the cleaning product on the part of furniture that you cannot see to test the products.

  1. Avoid Liquid/water

While exposing the furniture to liquid/water, you need to be excessively careful as certain types of wood, leather, and cotton can be damaged by liquids. Moreover, to prevent damage caused by drinks, it is better to keep liquids out of your workplace. Moreover, if you accidentally spill liquid/water, clean it immediately.

  1. Be Careful with Heat

Heat is dangerous for both wood and fabric. That is why it is often suggested to keep your furniture away from radiators and heat vents. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep the furniture and other sensitive items away from the window that let in a considerable amount of sunlight, causing fading of your furniture. Although it is not entirely avoidable, heat exposure can be reduced to prolong your furniture’s life.

Furthermore, leather and wood can be damaged by extremely cold temperatures. Thus, Fairdeal Furniture advises you to keep your furniture away from AC units if possible.

  1. Limit ablation

Of course, furniture at the office is something to be used on a daily basis; however, if you use it carefully, it is possible that it last longer than expected and be in better condition.

  1. Cover your office furniture

Covering your furniture keeps the furniture clean and in good condition. Although it might be challenging to find the right cover for your office furniture like your home furniture, you can find some suitable covers in the office store. Moreover, rearranging your furniture from time to time lets less wear and tear in tables, armrests, and chair cushions.

  1. Professional Cleaning of your office furniture

Experts recommend professional cleaning of your office furniture. Professional cleaning ensures the use of the right products, tools, and procedures. As a result, your office can last longer and be in better condition. Moreover, if you have placed usually shaped furniture in your office that you find difficult to clean, a professional cleaning can make the cleaning process easier for you.

Tips for Taking Care of Office Chairs

It is quite uncomfortable to work with broken and old office chair. This dramatically affects your productivity at the office. Fairdeal Furniture suggests some essential tips to take care of your office chairs.

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  • Weekly Chair Maintenance                                             

  1. Use vacuum and light brush to remove dirt for weekly maintenance.
  2. For cleaning the leather chair, use a clean and soft cloth for dusting.
  3. You can also clean furniture with vinyl (a mixture of warm water and soap) to remove dirt.
  4. For wooden chairs, use a sponge or damp cloth for dusting and then dry it with a cotton cloth.
  • 6-Month Chair Maintenance

Furniture at the office needs proper maintenance twice a year. It is necessary to clean and adjust the bolts and screws on your chair. Bi-annual chair maintenance will not only keep your office chairs intact but also ensures their endurance.

Besides weekly and bi-annual chair maintenance, there is some other chair care also. For instance, you should avoid putting lots of weight on armrests as they are made to rest your hands only.

Though it seems unnecessary to take care of your office chairs, it drastically improves efficiency and ensures that your office chairs last longer.

Tips for Taking Care of Office Desks                         

Most of the work in the office done on the Office Desk. That is why it is necessary that your office desk should be in shape and well-maintained. A messy and broken office desk can affect your efficiency at the office.

With regular dusting, it is possible to maintain your office desk. You should use a dry cloth for everyday dust for cleaning office table, no matter the table material is metal or wood. Moreover, if the dust is stubborn, you can use a damp cloth and then instantly dry the wet place with a dry cloth.

For deep cleaning, consider using vinyl – a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Do not use chemicals for cleaning as they may damage the surface of the desk.


Office Desk

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The Importance of Maintaining Office Furniture

Though it does not appears to be essential to clean your furniture, we all know that office furniture represents our attitude and represents us. Being in an office-based setting, people get in and out more often, and the first impression they get you of is from your furniture. If you’re working in a well-maintained office with well-maintained furniture, it will definitely put a good image and vice versa.


Even though it seems that furniture maintenance is a pointless task, not much affecting your performance at work, well-maintained office furniture definitely improves your productivity and concentration.

You can organize your office or workplace in various ways, and one of the ways is to maintain it by cleaning. You can use these easy steps to take care of your office furniture without wasting much time.

There are many ways to organize your workplace, and this includes maintaining your furniture as well. With these easy tips, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort so take a few minutes of your time to stay on top of it. This will not only make your office look great but also increase its life span.