A lounge or living room is the center of your home, where everyone gets together, making it an important asset for your family. A place where you spend cozy evenings reading books to your children, drinking coffee on late winter nights, host parties and game nights, or enjoy movie nights. Therefore, a lounge should be tastefully modern to intrigue each individual yet provide enough comfort and warmth to the inhabitants and guests.

Ample & Vivacious

A congested area is never pleasant. Don’t strive to pack the lounge with excessive furniture and accessories. Ensure that there is enough area to move around the living room and sufficient leg space. People tend to spend more time in a place that resonates with them. A cramped lounge would be a mood-killer.

Chic & Symmetrical

Picking a certain theme for your lounge could be quite nice. Choosing light paint with contrasting-colored furniture would make the room lively and cheerful. Meanwhile, darker colors would contribute to a cozy and warm feel. Adjust the furniture accordingly to introduce a pattern to the room and align everything perfectly to make it harmonious.

Luminous & Ventilated

A well-lit room looks bigger and brighter. Warm sunlight coming through large windows is a great source of illumination and brings a fresh breeze. However, dimmer lights help set the room’s tone for a date night or party. Wall lights give a gentle, diffused glow perfect for relaxed evenings and cozy sleepovers.

Prim & Proper

Pick adaptable options that keep your furniture compact and the room cohesive instead of lots of separate pieces. Include shelves for books and accessories and drawers for DVDs and smaller items. Go for space-saving, wall-mounted fittings for everything, including your TV and media equipment.

Warm & Welcoming

While buying furniture for your living room space, always opt for lighter shades, such as whites, cream, and pine wood, as they look much more inviting and aids in creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. Meanwhile, using dark shades to decorate your lounge will break the stereotypes and display an impressive look. A detailed glass coffee table with snug sofas and comfy chairs with arm-rest is a must-have in your living room.

Rugs & Mats

A plush rug can skillfully make a room appear larger. It provides an element of warmth and contrast and looks gorgeous on top of any wooden, marble, or tile flooring. Moreover, it adds to your lounge’s overall look and makes a wonderful little place for your pets to snuggle and rest peacefully.