Certainly, your working environment and surrounded office accessories play an effective role in your productivity at your workplace. Moreover, you may have noticed that your mood is affected by the setting, i.e., you may like to sit near a window or want bright colors in your office.

Since you spend 2/3 of your day at the office, the seating arrangements may greatly affect how you think and feel.  Therefore, you can integrate many economical and incredibly simple décor ideas into your office using office accessories that may make you feel motivated, inspired, and energized even after the afternoon slump.

Fairdeal Furniture recommends some simple and easy tips to decorate your office with office accessories. These tips are applicable to nearly all offices – be it small, large, or home office. Try any of these ideas to fashion a healthier, happier, and productive workspace for yourself.

1.   Desks with Cabinets to save office space

If you need some extra storage at your workplace or do not want to overfill your space at the office, you must consider buying a desk with cabinets. A computer table with cabinets is a great option as it offers extra storing space like shelves and sliding doors that allows you the empty space available.

Some of the modern desks with cabinets available at Fairdeal furniture are as follows.

1400mm OFFICE DESK T-WE1406

Office Desk with cabinets


Office Desk with Cabinets

2.   Own your space

To feel like you own your office space, you may bring plants, picture frames, or other office accessories to your desk. Moreover, you may feel more committed to your work if you have a feeling of owning your workspace, and this may increase your productivity by 32%.

Office Accessories by Fairdeal Furniture

Office Accessories by Fairdeal Furniture

3.   Put small Artificial Plants 

One of the common and most favorite ways to decorate your workspace is to put a small plant in your working space. A small plant can be artificial, fresh flowers and succulents to make your cabinet look warm. However, an artificial or fake plant is a better option as it will not bother you with watering it daily or with sunlight.

artificial plants

Artificial plants – Office Accessories by Fairdeal Furniture

4.   Add Wall Art using Fairdeal Office Accessories

There are many ways to decorate the walls of your working space in the office. You can add photos of your loved ones or pets. This will always remind you of the people or life outside of work. Moreover, you can also decorate your office wall with some inspiring quotes. You can use picture frames that you can either hang or lay against the wall on your desk. Lastly, Motivational quotes may help you keep motivated throughout the day.

5.   Use an Hour Glass from Fairdeal Office Accessories 

An hourglass is used to measure time. A simple hourglass on your office desk can bring elegance to your workspace. It can be used as both a countdown timer to record different times and a decoration piece.

Hour glass - Office Accessories by Fairdeal Furniture

Hourglass – Office Accessories by Fairdeal Furniture

6.   Add a Fun Calendar – one of the necessary office accessories

Instead of using a boring-looking calendar, you can add a fun calendar. You can hang a fun-looking calendar on the wall or place it on your desk and never forget what day it is and the important events.

7.   Optimize your Lighting using Fairdeal office accessories

You can bring some functional yet cute supplies and office accessories to lighten up your working space. By optimizing your lighting, you can boost your energy. Moreover, optimized lighting can also reduce the eye strains that are caused by low lighting. If it is possible, maximize the natural light as much as possible. However, if your exposure to natural light is limited, opting for bright light is a good option.

Fairdeal office accessories have some interesting lighting options that you may consider.

8.   Add a Planner

A planner or a corkboard that features your daily activities can increase your productivity at the office. You can also add your goals of the day or for the future in the form of messages or photos that can also increase your turnout tenfold. A planner or corkboard can remind you of your daily activities. Moreover, watching your future goals on a regular basis can boost your motivation as well.


Since the working environment greatly affects your productivity at the workplace, you must put some effort to make it motivating. Your working environment may be motivating and demotivating at the same time, depending on how you choose to decorate it. Interesting and motivating office accessories can boost your turnout and may help you to be productive throughout your hard days at the office.

Fairdeal Furniture has some trendy and interesting office accessories options for you to consider when decorating your office. Let us know in the comments below which of our accessories you like the most.