Since office chairs are one of the important elements that determine your employees’ productivity and functionality, it is necessary to consider different types of office chairs – based on comfort, size, material, and construction. Since the working environment and seating arrangement determine workers’ health, it is advisable to understand the different aspects of the variety of office chairs available in the market.

Contemporary times have introduced the latest changes to the office setting. Mesh chair is one of the recent additions, introduced in 1994. Mesh chair was introduced with the most famous Herman Miller Aeron task chair. Chairs with mesh backing are ideal and more popular these days.



Though mesh chairs offer comfort that makes them ideal for office use, they are not for everyone. Fairdeal Furniture has listed down some pros and cons of mesh chairs. Thus, before buying the chair, make sure you are making the right choice for yourself and your employees at the office.

Pros of Mesh Chair

You do not need to put much effort into selling a mesh chair, the chair advertises itself. This is sure because of the comfort and advantages that the chair offers. Some of the advantages of the chair are as follows.

Breathable Comfort

Mesh is a breathable material. Unlike upholstery and leather, it lets air pass. This makes it comfortable for long use. Mesh chair is an ideal chair in summer, as it won’t make your legs and bags sweaty and cramped as you may feel with other chairs.

Moreover, mesh chair offers airy stretch that most users like. The mesh feels soft and also stretches to accommodate the user’s body.



Easy Maintenance of Mesh Chair

Mesh chairs are extremely light and are very easy to maintenance. As the chair offers minimalistic construction and design, it is lightweight and easy to move around. Moreover, cleaning is very easy if you accidentally spilled something on the chair. Thus, mesh chairs are the best options for offices as offices need furniture that can be maintained easily and kept clean.

Stylish Appeal

The contemporary mesh chairs have a modern and stylish appeal. They have a slender profile that makes them bold yet a great option for the office. As an office chair, it is easily accommodating than the thick and blocky upholstery and leather office chair.



Availability of Mesh Chair

Mesh chairs are easily available everywhere, and that is what makes it a great pick for office use. They are easily available in furniture stores that offer office furniture.


As compared to leather and upholstery office chair, mesh chairs are less costly. The chair offers a more professional look than other types of office chairs. Thus, they are the economical and best solution for small businesses and offices.

Cons of Mesh Chair       

Though mesh chairs are extremely popular and recommended, they also receive a lot of criticism. Here are some of the negative points about the most popular mesh chairs. Some of the disadvantages of mesh chairs are as follows.


Though mesh chairs are known for the airy and breathable comfort it offers, it can also become uncomfortable and abrasive at times. After prolonged use, it can damage your clothes. Moreover, users may find the mesh (a man-made material) irritant. Fairdeal Furniture suggests you buy a good quality mesh to avoid discomfort and irritation.

Baggy Support and durability

Mesh chairs provide poor support. Designers and users have noticed that these chairs cease to provide both comfort and support simultaneously. With time, the mesh material losses its elasticity leading to discomfort. Though the soft meshes are quite comfortable for the user, it starts sagging faster than leather and upholstery. Thus the construction type and the mesh are factors that determine the durability of the office chair.

Painful Sitting

Most of the time, people use hard and tighter mesh instead of elastic mesh for prolonged use. Though the harder mesh does not lose elasticity, it does not provide the same level of comfort.

Limited Design

Mesh task chairs offer only limited designs. Moreover, the chairs have limited color option that makes it difficult for users to customize them according to their own taste and style.


The most popular type of office chairs available in the market are leather office chairs and mesh task chairs. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, users’ experience with mesh chairs varies drastically. Some users may mind it airy, stretchy, comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing, while others may find it uncomfortable, strange, and drafty. Therefore, one should consider both aspects before deciding on buying any office chair. Indeed mesh chairs are affordable and the best solution for your newly developing business. Fairdeal Furniture has assembled the pros and cons of mesh chairs that may help you when you begin to customize your office furniture. We suggest you test and assess the quality, ergonomic design, and adjustability of the office chair before making a purchase. Fairdeal Furniture suggests you consult your designer or expert as well.


Let us know in the comments below how has been your experience with mesh chairs so far?