Fairdeal Furniture is one of the leading companies in Kenya that offers a wide range of furniture and décor items for your homes. We offer a large variety of latest and innovative designs furniture all across the country. Though we offer great quality furniture at reasonable prices, now you can also avail up to 50% off of the entire stock of Home Furniture from 1st June 2021 to 31st June 2021 (grand sale) in all ten showrooms across Kenya. (Isn’t this sound great?)

All Showroom Will be Open on Sundays as Well during the Grand Sale

Grand sale on home furniture

Elevate your Sense of Style with Fairdeal Furniture

Fairdeal Furniture has a wide variety of home furniture to ensure that you are updated with the latest trends in the market in terms of style and class. Moreover, our home furniture is comfortable enough to comfort you when you return home after a long tiring day at the office. Fairdeal Furniture helps you to furnish your home as you like, with a variety of lifestyles, collections, colors, and much more to choose from. At our furniture showrooms, you can find furniture that can help you to utilize your small spaces at most and best.

The grand scale at our store and online website is a great opportunity for all those thinking of renovating their homes or buying new furniture for their new home. We provide trendy and stylish furniture with customized solutions according to your taste and personality.  You can buy our high-quality products at low costs and that too with free delivery.

Fairdeal Furniture: One Stop Store for all Kinds of Home Furniture and Décor

Fairdeal Furniture offers a wide range of home furniture throughout Kenya. You can get the following item at up to 50% off at our grand sale:

Sofa Sets

Fairdeal Furniture has a wide variety of sofa sets that include a sectional sofa, Club sofa, Loveseat, Chesterfield sofa, Midcentury sofa, the daybed, Lawson Sofa, and Bridgewater Sofa. We use high-quality material – be it wood, PU, or fabric – for manufacturing our sofas.


Recliners are back-resting sofa. Fairdeal Furniture has a wide variety of recliners, including Dylan recliners, Nason recliners, Tulen recliners, Tambo recliners, Darcy recliners, Ludden recliners, Alzena, Bingen, and many more. We use high-quality leather and other fabrics for manufacturing recliners.

Bedroom Suite

Fairdeal Furniture offers a complete bedroom suite at a reasonable cost. Our bedroom suite includes a bed, side tables, sofa set, dressing table, and cupboard. We also offer a customized bedroom solution that allows you to choose the interiors of your choice. We provide simple panel, sleigh, and upholstered bed frames.

Dining Sets

We have a wide variety of dining sets (table and chair) for every family and home. For instance, we have Preston Bay outdoor dining set, Rokane Dining set, Skempton, Hazelteen, Woodinville, Zenfield, Coviar, and many more.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a great option to enhance your living room décor. Fairdeal Furniture offers a wide variety of coffee tables and stools for coffee lovers. Visit our official website or showrooms to choose the one that suits your taste and style.

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are one of the great options to fills the small empty spaces in your bedroom and living room. Moreover, accent chairs offer additional sitting space as well. Visit our official website or showrooms to choose the one that suits your taste and style.

Bar Stools

Bar stools in kitchens and living rooms are useful for kids. You can also use them as additional dining chairs when you have guests at home. Visit our official website or showrooms to choose the one that suits your taste and style.

Outdoor Furniture

Fairdeal Furniture offers innovative, attractive, and the latest outdoor furniture options that would definitely leave you in awe. Visit our official website or showrooms to choose the one that suits your taste and style.

Other Accessories

Décor accessories such as cushions, sofa covers, decoration pieces, etc., are available at Fairdeal Furniture. You can avail all these items at up to 50% off during the Grand Sale.


What are your waiting for? Choose the best before it gets out of stock.