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The Fairdeal Group of Companies is a fast-growing group with the ambition of helping people across Kenya build their dream homes and offices. With four dedicated divisions – Fairdeal Hardware, Fairdeal Furniture, Fairdeal UPVC, Aluminium and Glass, and Fairdeal Holdings, we are helping even the most rational customers build, finish and furnish their spaces with quality products.

Fairdeal Hardware supplies all types of construction materials, Fairdeal UPVC, Aluminium and Glass gives your property a contemporary finish and Fairdeal Furniture adornes your homes and offices with elegant furniture pieces. This is why we often call ourselves a one-stop shop for all your building requirements

Our Legacy .

In 2003, we started with a small team in a tiny shop, Fairdeal Furniture has its story rooted in Mombasa’s Old Kalindini Steet.

In 2007, set foot in Nairobi with an astounding thirty thousand square foot showroom of some of Kenya’s most exquisite furniture.

In 2008, inaugrated two new branchesin Malindi and Nakuru and createda reputation of delighting customers.

Over the last decade, a lot has changed. But what remains constant, is our steadfast zeal to improve, innovate and keep our customers happy.

Critical Thinking

Message from CEO

Our journey to the renowned brand, Fairdeal Furniture Ltd has it’s humble beginnings in a simple store in the busy town of Mombasa. The vision has always been to provide an outlet all over the country for everyone to realize their dream homes and offices. The Nairobi, Malindi, Nakuru and recently Eldoret branches are a testament to achieve this vision.

It is commonly said that the different between success and failure is a great team. Indeed, without the great team we have assembled over the years, the vision and mission of Fairdeal Furniture is just but words on paper.

We Get You

Perfection .

We encourage our people to abide and uphold the guiding principles set out by the organization. These principles are what makes us focus on the quality of service we deliver, the relationship we build with our suppliers and the advanced products/systems we introduce.

We recognize that Fairdeal Furniture Lts is on its way to becoming a power brand in the Kenyan market. Our emphasis is on consolidating our position in the market and creating a satisfied and loyal customer base. Introducing new products such as complete Flooring Solutions by Rosetta (an international brand) or services such as Customized Solutions through our local furniture manufacturing unit are ways we aim to improve and innovate.

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